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 Product Features

   MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote

  microphone uses 4 polar terminals and the microphone and remote control are included. The remote control operates only by one button and when used for iPhone or iPod, the music control such as play, stop, next music, previous music etc is available by one button. On the backside of remote control, the microphone for call is embedded. (only for MeariPhone + Mic Model).
MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote

 Description of MeariPhone

New technology application by IST (Inverted Sound Technology), reverse method of speaker
MeariPhone is very special technology created by experience spirit which defies the stereotype by making the direction of diaphragm which transmits the sound to the inside of speaker unit upward and making the voice coil toward to the eardrum
The unit of aluminum die casting material is applied which enables to reproduce the sound band by IST technology. It gives the feeling as like the hearing impaired wears the hearing aid for the first time
IST technology by the reverse method designs the sound space bigger than the existing product which realizes the low sound and gives the echo from the reverse direction which minimizes the fatigue degree of eardrum by indirect hearing and does not give any burden to the ear even when wearing for a long time.
Kernel type product, the sound of speaker does not leak outside and transmits the clear sound at the relatively low volume.
Flat-cable is applied to prevent the twist or tangling and 3mm super microtype but no disconnection by applying the tension enforced material

 Domestic distribution earphone, against the earphone of customer

I am touched by the high priced receiver… probably more than touchable sound. It was domestic IST (Speaker inverted Sound Technology) earphone “MeariPhone”. Meariphone has very unique technology, designed to capture the sound band by making the direction of vibration reverse and making the voice coil which generates the sound toward to the eardrums the sound, and give the realistic sound worth to compare with the earphone of other maker.

MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote
First encounter with MeariPhone
  I can not forget the first encounter with MeariPhone. One earphone on my desk without any data for brand, type, price etc…That’s all. After connecting the earphone in question to the device, I listened to my favorite songs. The moment when the song begins, I could not control myself to shout “Wow!”
It reproduces the clean sound as the original sound
  By applying the IST (Inverted Sound Technology) developed first in the world by Korean Technical Team, it gives 3 elements : low note, middle note and high note near the original sound but I thought the sound is over qualified at this price. Rigid attack sound and straightforward high pitch area of fantastic vocal, the base which spreads rich to my ear like the wave which spreads on the lakeside…the moment that all sounds makes one harmony, I could not help calming down my excitement.

 Appearance and Design of MeariPhone

  First we will check the appearance before detailed explanation of sound. Meariphone is the kernel type earphone which raises the sound block and wearing by inserting them into the ear hole and the unit of earphone is composed of two size tip suitable for the ear of users and housing area manufactured by aluminum die casting (very special case) and the flat-cable which reduces the cable twist. Earphone output area/Earphone left/right display/Flat-wire application/Aluminum housing
MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote
MeariPhone is the kernel type earphone
  This shows the image that wears the meariphone. This is the kernel type product which does not leak the sound and transmit the clear sound at the relatively low volume. No burden to the ear even when wearing for a long time”

 Two size earphone tip

  Like the general kernel type product, meariPhone provides the ear tip of two sizes. It is available to replace with the ear tip suitable for the size of each ear hole of users for use. (The volume of low sound and high sound depends on the wrong selection of ear pad. Thus it is important to select the iPad suitable for the user.) Foreign material guard
MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote
Earphone with excellent finishing and high completion
  The housing of aluminum material which is very exceptional case for the distribution earphone, protects the earphone not to be broken easily as well as shows the rich and clean resolution by expanding the sound box of earphone, that is, the space of resonance. The cable joint which connects from the unit of earphone to plug has the high completion degree without any clearance or foreign materials.
Excellent performance against the price, “MeariPhone”
  This is the earphone that applied aluminum material of speaker unit and realized the optimal performance against the price by conducting the rigid quality control of manufacturing factory in China by Korean technical team and manager. Unit size/weight/cable length/material: Aluminum (housing), gold alloy (plug)

 Wearing image

  Meariphone is the earphone of IST (speaker reverse direction) + resonance method created not to give direct stimulus to the eardrum and also the earphone which is differentiated from the existing earphone method. Unlike the image that we feel from the round and cute design, this is the earphone which focuses the middle and low sound overall when listening to the song. Due to the wide space of earphone housing, the resolution of middle and high sound was spread straightforward and the most impressed thing was that it gave me the sound not heard which I regarded as soundless after the song ends for some music. It was a refreshing jolt which breaks my stereotype for the low priced earphone.
MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote

 Additional image

  I receive sometimes the request from my friends to recommend when they faces the time to replace the earphone but the earphone with good quality are all high price which makes me to go but when considering the low priced earphone, the selection and criteria is too picky to consider. However, after I encounter Meariphone, I regard this as the earphone worth receiving the passing mark for all criteria such as appearance, design, completion of sound, durability etc. I am sure that this earphone gives you satisfaction with the good performance against the price.
MeariPhone + Mic Only microphone and the remote