MeariBone (SmartPhone)
  • Bone conduction mearibone (MAB-1207SP) for SmartPhone
  • Bone Conduction MeariBone (MAB-1207HA) for sound collector
  • MeariPhone
  • RaVo Hearing Ai
  • Integrated sending/receiving micro radio with small outpupt
  • Applications

MeariBone (SmartPhone)

Bone conduction mearibone (MAB-1207SP) for SmartPhone
Bone conduction mearibone (MAB-1207SP) for SmartPhone

 Functional Description

Bone conduction mearibone (MAB-1207SP) for SmartPhone


- Amplifier is installed in the band area and realizes the differentiated volume and sound quality from
  the existing bone conduction head set.
- The design that covers the ear slightly and the function to give high quality sound volume
- Supply the distribution model which improved the low quality, low output, high price of the existing
  bone conduction product
- Ergonomic structure to prevent the harm of human body by the reverse design technology for
  the contact
  area of magnetic force
- Luxurious design and good sense of wearing and comfortable and natural when using for a long time
- Prevents the increase of noise deafness of youth and senior deafness due to the aging society
- New bone conduction product by the application of Original patent (inside structure of speaker)
  technology and the application of speaker embedded technology
- Clean the speaker with water or wet tower
- Volume adjustment function and remote function to improve the convenience of user
- Flat-cable to prevent the string twist or tangling when wearing
- MP3, radio, other acoustic apparatus etc available.

 Specification and Function


Speaker Bone Conduction
(Vibrator inside type)
Impedance 16 5%
Output Level 85 dB/mW
Weight 80g
Amplifier / Battery Portable / Li-Polymer
Frequency Response (Speaker) 50 Hz ~ 15,000 Hz
Output Level About 85 dB Strereo
Audio Input Plug 4 Poll jack Strereo
Consuming Electricity 80mA(max)
Cable Length 120 cm +5cm
Power Supply DC 3.7V(Li-Polymer)
Playing time(BAT) 10 hours
Charging time(BAT) 60min
Operation temp -20 ~ 60 ° C
Speaker W 30mm X H 12mm
Microphone -42dB
Power source USB Charge 5V DC
etc Volume Up/Down & Power Switch
Charge Circuit
Power & Play Lamp : LED(Blue)
Charge : LED(Red)

 Charging method and Description

When charging
Connect the charging cable to DC Jack Port configured to the amp for charging (PC/Adaptor etc)
  -Charging time: 1hr/reproduction time: 10hr
  -Lamp when charging: Red Color
  -Lamp after charging: Blue color
Power switch ON/OFF available when charging


A Company frequency per band characteristics (source: KNU AVS Lab)
MeariSonic frequency per bank output – source : KNU AVS Lab