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Vision & Philosophy

1. The patent technology of bone conduction “MeariBone” was not built in a day but the product containing the “sprit” of inventor who tried for a long time for the study of only the sound in the acoustic area in the past 30 years with the craftsmanship. Now the new challenge equipped with new revolution of bone conduction and the IST technology of reverse direction speaker earphone begins.
2. With the start of “MeariBone”, new change of bone conduction, we will grow with the product which feels the meaning of bone conduction and realistic appreciation.
3. We will be a leading company for continuous development and distribution of high quality product with the goal of best product in bone conduction area based on the comparison of performance against the price.
4. Based on the superiority of “Mearibone” to be released later, we will challenge for the wonderful recording of quality and price so that “Meari (Echo)” can be spread widely in the world market.
1. We will be the best in performance against the price that consumers are interested in by themselves.
2. We will be the leading company of technology development even in the international society with the sense of duty that the best technology is the key for survival.
3. We will be always with our consumers by thorough quality control and rapid service support.
4. We will approach consumers with reliability and belief without deceiving them
5. We will add best service support to the world best technology, best quality and best price.
6. We will be a guard of hope that the consumers are longing for, always modestly keeping the first intension.