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- 1985 : Developed and distributed Audio amp and hands free device
 ~2007 : Developed bone conduction speaker and head set (patent registration)
- 2002 : Participated in overseas exhibition and business meetings over 70 times
 ~2010    (CeBit/CES/COMDEX/GITEX/HK/Japan/Computex/ Korea Electronic Exibition/ITC/IFA/China/Others)
  :Selected as VIP ASIA 100 products (Aving)
  : Joint Research with KNU AVS Lab (handsfree product and bone conduction product) till now
- 2009 :Developed IST earphone (S-ILink) and built Business Cooperation partner
 ~2011   Bone conduction related Patent registration (domestic) and design/trademark registered
    Bone conduction patent application completed
-Oct. 2011 : Participated in HongKong International Electronic Show  IST earphone (Inverted Sound Technology earphone)
-Feb. 2012 : Contracted the production line outsourcing factory (Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex)
    Registered as a member of Incheon Commercial Chamber
    “MeariPhone” trademark application
-Mar. 2012 :  started to sell MeariPhone (EarPhone) by online in Korea (www.Funshop.co.kr)
  :  MOU with MeariSonicKorea Co., Ltd.
  :  Established a factory and an lab in China – Dapung Electronics (Dongkwan City, China)
  : Contract with Global marketing/distribution company for North America, South America, and Asia (JH Global)
  : Established Europe distribution office of MeariSonicKorea
-Apr. 2012 : Patent application of bone conduction and trademark application of MeariBone (メアリーボン)
  : Design application for bone conduction