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CEO Greeting


We, founded at May 1999, manufacture the telecommunication related products and exports to Japan through technical cooperation.
We are making our efforts to unveil the product of new version through product development of IT area only for several decades.
Our main products include bone conduction head phone (MeariBone), ear protection ear phone (MeariPhone), sound amplifier, RoVo hearing aid, small output radio (TS-1000).

 “MeariBone” and “MeariPhone” which is released this time through lots of trial and error, is the product to be unveiled with the pride of Korea in Korea and overseas after realizing that only the leading technology exists in the world market of competitive landscape.  

With the release of “MeariBone”, consumer-oriented bone conduction product which minimized the burden of purchase for the product of excellent quality and function, we are sure that MeariPhone, based on IST (Inverted Sound Technology) patented technology which is innovative new technology which enables us to hear the delicate sound source not reproduced in the distribution model, shall be spread widely in the world market so that everyone can be satisfied with this product like echo.

Especially, “MeariBone (メアリーボン)”, the bone conduction product of absolute sound which improved the volume and sound quality of the existing bone conduction product was released.

We begin new challenge as communication related Mecca who leads the 21st century with competitive product and more enforced quality, based on the accumulated technology and knowhow.
Thank you.