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What is the difference from general headphone?

Classification Air conduction headphone Air conduction headphone
Long time wearing   eardrum damage or bradyecoia,
  headache/bradyecoia prevention without
  using the eardrum, sense of wearing
  it covers the ear which causes the ear
  diseases and feels stifling
While wearing   block the surrounding sound, available to
  dialogue when taking off the headphone,
  safety accident in the street
  Available to dialogue with colleague near
  while wearing the headphone, prevent the
  safety accident when wearing in the street
Special environment use   not available to use   noisy working environment and underwater
  communication available
Special function   not available to use   The external auditory meatus, eardrum
  damage, poor reception area

The necessity of Bone Conduction

OK when hearing for a long time use   The sound is transmitted through the vibration of cranial bone and thus it
  does affect the hearing even if using for a long time. Convenient wearing
  without covering the ear.
It opens the ear   Available to hear the sound outside at the same time and thus take the
  action rapidly for the dangerous elements. No ear wax and not necessary
  to take off the head set when exchanging the opinion with the colleagues.
More convenient life with various application products   communication apparatus for the hearing impaired, multimedia IT product,
  cellular phone and telephone and military purpose
Communication is available in the noisy environment   Available to send/receive clearly even in the noisy environment more
  than 90dB